Tuesday, 25 July 2017


     Not particularly specific to archaeology today, more some remarks if you are travelling and intend to visit any one of the increasing number of World Heritage Sites as designated by UNESCO, who just these past few days have completed their most recent deliberations.

     You may, or in fact probably not, have been wondering where I have been. I wrote the start of the UNESCO piece about ten days ago. Since then, well let's just say that Noel Coward was wrong. Not only mad dogs and Englishmen, but also Archaeologists! I am in Alentejo, in the deep (and very hot) south of Portugal somewhere near the spanish border.

     We are excavating the fascinating site of Perdigoes. It has a use of about 1500 years from the Neolithic through to the early Bronze Age. Temperatures often top 40c and though we start early to avoid the worst of it, by the time we arrive at our accomodation we are absolutely f@@ked!

     Internet is only available in the village bar...such a shame! But electricity is temperamental, and that's being kind.

   Under the circumstances I think it is best if I order a cold one, or more, and catch up with the blog when I get back to blighty (that would be the United Kingdom for my overseas friends). In the meantime why not follow the team on their Blog or Facebook page...here are the links



      Don't worry about the date..it is the temporary one that is used during the course of current excavations, archives are also available.

     Now for that cold one.........