Wednesday, 3 May 2017


Donna is a contemporary and friend of mine but I have nver met Felix. Until last week I had never even heard of him and yet both have become victims, to differing extents, of the social media world in which we have come to live. Let me explain.

I am sure most University departments have staff / student liaison committees in some shape or form, and that all students have an assigned personal tutor. Any problems and issues should be raised in these fora, and rightly so. But what do you do when concerns are apparently ignored, or meetings take place so rarely that it will be too late to take any effective action? Well........

Donna took to twitter ( with barley 50 followers!) AND HAD PERSONAL RANT. It seems that our Uni has some sort of twitter flag and got in touch with her within just a few hours. The departmental personnel were also contacted, Donna admonished by some..including her personal tutor, yet others praised her courage. The that affected all students in that stage...was resolved within 48hrs. Result...and no further action deemed necessary.

Felix...on the other hand.....well let me say it is nothing short of a total disgrace and supression of freedom of speech, freedom to exercise religious beliefs and finally his freedom to progress in the career he was undoutedly looking forward to.

Let me tell you the story. Felix the final year of his masters degree at a well known and reputable university in the UK. He is also a practising christian. On his social media..Facebook this time...personal page he expressed his doubts abiut same sex marriage and the conflict that this presents him with with regard to his religious beliefs. At no point was he deragatorial, insulting or threatening. His words were not abusive, just an expression of his religous views. In a society of freedom to speak and practise, a society which tolerates extremists calling for soldiers to be beheaded on our streets you would have thought that his views, which you may not agree with, would be without consequence. But no.

Felix Ngole was thrown out without due process for his views, which let's face it are a common christian belief. I have no comment on that particular issue...

but SHAME ON UNIVERSITY OF are a disgrace to all the values that Universities and Academics hold dear. I, for one, hope that Felix finds a place in a more welcoming establishment where his undoubted talents can be of service.