Friday, 14 April 2017


Do you work in or study archaeology? Maybe you just have an interest in general archaeology or specifically in a particular time period or speciality. Either way, and at whatever level you participate, I hope that my short rants and observations will be of use.

I attended the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst ( a lifetime ago) and diary keeping was strongly encouraged. When I consider my somewhat colourful background I regret not doing so, I am sure there would be a decent book in there somewhere!

Now, training to be an archaeologist, this is no more than a feeble attempt to now keep such a diary, albeit public and to clarify my own personal thoughts and opinions. Those of you who read and/or write academic papers will appreciate how impersonal is the writing style required. Hopefully in wiring this blog I can mindmap myself and create a different perspective in which participants can actually say what they think. In some cases this is already happening, though always in the third person.

I shall start with a paper I read yesterday. The author states

                         "...the masculist hegemony ...inherent in the discipline...."
Now I am no mysoginist and accept that there are historical problems which take time to address, but to start a paper with such a sweeping generalisation can only ensure that the pendulum swings the other way. The research bias of which we are all so wary exacerbated by cultural feminism.

I make no apology for not referencing the paper in this case, but as this blog progesses I will include links to hopefully promote a more reasoned and common sense approach, provoking the open debate which so often takes place behind closed doors between the privileged few.